I grew up in NYC but the road always called to me after years of jumping around the USA I was still unhappy. I figured it must be me, wherever you go there you are, but I was wrong. I left the States because I was into Thai Boxing and my coaches had told me if I wanted to truly understand the sport I needed to go to Thailand.        That faithful step led me on a path that forever changed my life. I met my wife while traveling and came to the realization that the USA just was not for me. We spent time in a number of other developed western countries, New Zealand and Australia, neither felt right but in the developing countries I found something different, I found freedom and opportunity in a beautiful and cultured setting. If you’re a flexible person, the sky is the limit. Lifestyle, business opportunity, connecting with people who think differently the benefits are endless if you can look past the challenges. Our path led us to teaching English in Viet Nam. I used my time wisely to cultivate relationships and started consulting. The pandemic forced me to evolve and my abilities as a fixer became a valuable resource. I am completely DIY and everything I know about doing business, relocation, jobs and life in developing markets comes from real trial and error experiences. We are now expanding to other popular relocation destinations and looking for others in the future. We build strong relationships so you don't have to. My crazy life led me here and now my mission is to show others that the life you dream of can be yours if you’re willing to take a chance. Our services aim is to make relocation more accessible to the regular person. That is my goal, to show others that you have more options than you think! I want to be able to not just help the rich but help regular people live more fulfilling lives overseas and not fall victim to scams or endemic misinformation online. The way things work in the developing world is not the same as a rich developed country. South East Asia is even more turbulent and ever changing. We have the relationships to make your relocation smooth.        After 10 years living as an expat my life is better and more fulfilling than I ever thought possible. If you want to work with people that are straight shooters and not big on sugar coating that is us. We believe in telling you what you need to know, not what you want to hear.        We built our brand on customer referrals and our YouTube. Everything is out there; you can watch our journey from living in a shack in New Zealand to our luxury high rise in Viet Nam. We have connections in many different countries and we are constantly adding more so please feel free to inquire.