Albania Residency Service

Our Albania service is designed around convenience for those of you that would like everything set up before you arrive. Our Albanian fixers can have your apartment waiting,  internet setup  and everything in place for you when you step off the plane. They will arrange for you to be picked up at the airport and taken to whatever housing you have them arrange before you arrive. This will save costs on hotels or AirBnB. This also prevents real estate agents taking advantage of people not familiar with the local market. Our Albanian partners negotiate with landlords for you and can arrange housing in almost every city in Albania before you arrive.

For setting up a business, we coordinate with  one of the top firms in the capital. Our partners can service your requests for  opening a business and  obtaining  residency. 

We provide a  convenient service  so when you get off the plane everything you need is ready.  Help with transportation, housing, opening a business or just looking to retire, our local Albanian partners  can make your life  easier. 

Our consultants and legal team can also assist if you wish to buy property, open or buy a business. They have a vetting process to make sure that you have taken all the correct administrative steps and that your investments are secure. One of the easiest ways to get residency is to open an LLC, Prices listed below:

1050 USD - Consultation & Referral Fee                                                     1020 EUR - to Establish LLC, Minimum capital is 1 Euro
                                                                                                                            250+80 EUR - Work Permit for Self-Employed
                                                                                                                            250+46 EUR - Work Permit for Employee
                                                                                                                            40 EUR - Open a Bank Account
                                                                                                                            250 EUR - Residency Permit

 Total: 1050 USD                                                                                 Total: 1936 EUR

Our basic consulting fee is $1050. This will provide day to day communication in English to help guide you through the government process and help you get your personal affairs in order when arriving in the country. Any problems or obstacles will be brought to our attention and dealt with so you don't have to be concerned about the administrative details of the process. 

Having a team on the ground running around arranging things for your arrival and we support you with advice and contacts even long after you are settled. We can connect you to our  network of contacts,  online entrepreneurs and digital nomads.  We also have private networking groups so you can build a network with all our previous customers around the world. Welcome to the Nomad Family!