Cambodia ESL Service

Cambodia is an amazing country and fast-growing market for ESL teaching and business it has favorable policies towards foreigners owning businesses. Beautiful weather, nice people, ancient culture, awesome food and the ability to make money while working on long term projects. During the recent lockdowns the government treated expats well and there was not the same level of complication some of the expats in neighboring countries faced. This is a huge value for someone who likes SEA but wants to be able to feel stable. We offer a consulting service that will make getting set up in Cambodia as smooth as possible. Just like everywhere in SEA things change rapidly but our contacts have lived in Cambodia over 11 years and are business owners they know who to work with to facilitate things in a safe and responsible way.  Please check with us directly as rules may change suddenly and without warnings. As we speak now this is what is possible. 


To get into Cambodia right now, on a renewable visa with ability to move around.

1070usd ALL Inclusive price consulting fee, sponsor fee, Invitation letter, Tax ID for Government Paperwork {We work with a larger HR firm everything is done safely and responsibly}

 This allows you to go to your local Cambodian embassy/consulate and get an entry visa that you can extend

 They are NOT issuing visas without a letter at this time

 I'd expect the visa to run around $100 or so, valid for 1 month

Tourist visas are 1 month ONLY and not eligible for extension in Cambodia. Honestly, the Sihanoukville sandbox thing they're doing is clearly designed for Chinese vacationers.

Before arrival:

Need covid insurance, there's a company here that you can purchase a policy for online. It's $120 For 1 month of coverage. 

Must have a PCR covid test within 72 hours of arrival before you depart. You'll have to check that price at your local health clinic. 

After you're in Cambodia and out of quarantine- you can renew your EB visa for 6 months at around $200 or $300 1 year we can provide reliable agents for all processing in the future as well.

 In short, I'd say you're looking in the ballpark of around $1900-$2200 (not including sponsor and consulting fees) for the Cambodia entry requirements, depending on your choice of a few options like your quarantine location. (Coming from a western country)


We do not guarantee employment but we have a large network within the education sector and in programming and tech jobs. Once you are working with us you will have full access to all our job contacts and we will always keep you in mind as new opportunities present. 


We have reliable people for long- and short-term accommodation and can have everything arranged for your arrival in place. Working with reliable agents who work to get you a good deal and understand how to work with foreigners 


We have reliable drivers, Khmer language teachers, local information on where to buy things or how to find anything you may need in your new home. We have contacts for most things. 

Essentially, we are fixers  

Our goal is to make your move as smooth as possible and protect you from scams and dishonest actors. Our goal is to make expat living accessible to the regular person by removing a lot of the stress and anxiety of a move.  Once you pay us once you will have access to our network as well as huge group chat networks of previous clients all around the world you will be part of our community. A great resource for information.