Job Buy-In(Ho Chi Minh City) ($1050)

There's a teaching option we have available for the work permit and TRC. It’s 45-50million depending on what documents you have here legalized and what not. It’s the school fee as well as government fees. $1050 for the consulting/referral fee. It's based in Saigon, 10 hours of teaching minimum per week to keep the TRC and wp legit. The pay is 420k, and it’s in public schools.

Consultation+Full Package Relocation + Job ($1050)

We provides contacts to you for schools, and recruiters looking for teachers. You will also get access to our real estate agent that will give you the best deals.

  • Access to schools, and recruiters
  • Real estate agent that will give you the best deals
  • Advice about schools in Vietnam, teaching, and life in Vietnam.

Investment Visa option, 2 years, no capital. ($3500)

Become a partner to a local business and get a TRC+WP

Investment Visa Option, 1 year(renewable), $50,000 Capital ($2500)

Disclaimer : These prices listed below are the current rates as of March 1st, 2021. Prices are subject to change with little or notice due to the fluid nature of the Covid-19 pandemic. Unexpected outbreaks and constant regulation changes cause fluctuation in some prices. We will update these prices as time goes on.

Approx $3300 - Business registration, formation of investment capital account, virtual office and translation fees. 

$1000 - Visa application and processing fees per person (does not include pickup fee at the airport)$50 Visa pick up fee at the airport. (This must be in cash. US Dollars only!)

$1500 - one year of accounting services with 5 or less invoices for B2B clients. The price will increase if more invoices are needed. The accounting services include invoicing and all the necessary quarterly filings. The accounting service will also handle your monthly business expenses and deductions. The accountants are fluent in English and can also help you set up sub-businesses based on your original business license. Having a Vietnamese accountant attached to your business is MANDATORY. You are also free to find your own accountant on your own but you must have one regardless.

$100-$500 - Corporate card - To start expensing meals, you can use your corporate card. But you need to deposit cash into the credit card before you can use it.

$300 - Unknown incidentals and surprise fees - In this constant changing environment you will need to be prepared for brand new fees or taxes that arise without notice.

$25-$50 - 4x6 cm passport photos. 4x6 cm is required for Vietnam. It is a very specific photo size and sometimes cannot be completed in a passport photo booth. It may require you to go to a professional photographer.