Teaching English in Vietnam Resource

We provide all the information you need about teaching and living in VIetnam.

Vietnam is a beautiful country, and being based here gives you access to its amazing natural beauty. It is also nearby to the ancient temples of Angkor Wat in Siam Reap, Cambodia. Also, the people are warm and friendly, you will make great local friends as well.

Vietnam is a developing country, so the cost of living is low relative to the average English teacher's pay. For a full breakdown of living expenses such as housing, food/groceries, coffee, trips, and more please click to read more.

Read this article for a full breakdown across different school types, qualifications, and experiences.

Housing & Apartments

There is a range of different housing accomodations available, and locations. Read for a full breakdown.

Visas & Temporary Residence Cards

It's important to know the visa situation in any country that you plan on moving to. Read for a full breakdown on visas and TRCs.